ECU Disassembly

ECU Disassembly

WARNING: The ECU is a computer. It is sensitive to static electricity discharges and can be destroyed by casual handling. For the protection of your investment, you should ground yourself with a static strap when handling the ECU board. Static straps are available at most computer stores for grounding yourself when installing RAM or processor chips into your PC.

If you are up for voiding your warranty, remove the four screws that attach the top cover. You will encounter the top side of the ECU PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Circuit Board: Top Side

The CPU is the big black square in the upper right. The EPROM contains the engine management software that the processor executes. The EPROM is located in the top center of the picture with the big yellow label on it. This particular EPROM is from my 2003 Tuono, and can be identified by its label: 549US.

The goo that has been dribbled all over the place is meant to protect the tall components from the effects of vibration. Without it, the components would be able to vibrate until their wire leads would fatigue and break off. The EPROM has a couple of blobs of goo to keep it from vibrating out of its socket.

Circuit board: Bottom Side

If you remove the seven screws that hold the circuit board to the bottom of the case, you can take a look at the bottom side of the board, which will look something like this:

As you can see, most of the components are mounted on the bottom of the PCB. The next step is to identify the major components on the top side of the board to gain a basic understanding of the hardware world.