Misc. Inputs

There are number of miscellaneous inputs that I have not documented either because they are really simple, or because I don't have good data for them. For example, the following ECU inputs are pretty self-explanatory:

  • Clutch Switch: allows the ECU to tell if the clutch is pulled in or not

  • Sidestand Switch: allows the ECU to tell if the sidestand is up or down

  • Starter Relay: ECU can tell if the starter is actively engaged or not

  • Battery Voltage: the ECU can always tell what voltage the battery is at

The following set of inputs are understood in conceptual terms, but the exact workings are a bit of a mystery as of this point because I don't know the specific parts being used:

  • Manifold air pressure sensor

  • Ambient air pressure sensor

Now that I typed that, it is not exactly true: there is one weird thing I know for a fact about the ambient air pressure sensor. That is, the ECU reads the ambient air pressure sensor exactly once when you turn the ignition on, and then never again. It just uses the same ambient reading for the rest of your ride. That always made me wonder: what if you went for a ride up Pikes Peak? The ambient air pressure would undergo a very large change between when you started the bike at the bottom of the hill and when you got to the top. I would think it would make the bike run poorly up there. But the situation could be easily rectified by just shutting the engine off and restarting it, whereupon it would take another measurement at the current altitude. Or maybe I missed something in the code, but I don't think so.

And finally, there are the CO Trim Pots. I have done no investigation into them. There are plenty of resources on the web that tell you how to adjust them, so that's all you need.

That's it for the ECU inputs.

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