Supplies & Costs

Circuit Board Production Costs

The cost of having the circuit boards manufactured is approximately $4 per student, plus a $20 shipping cost that gets split among all the students. With a minimum of 2 students, the manufacturing and shipping cost would be under $15 per person. With more people, it just gets cheaper.

PCB Parts Cost

The kit of parts required to populate each PCB will be supplied for each student. It is anticipated that the cost will be around $10.

Sparkfun Artemis Redboard Cost

The Redboard costs $20 from SparkFun.

Additional Supplies

Making a toaster oven reflow machine will require the student to purchase the following supplies. A lot of this stuff can be scrounged.

The total cost of everything including the board & shipping, parts, oven and all miscellaneous electrical bits will be around $150 if you buy everything brand new. The oven itself is the biggest cost if you want to scrounge one from somewhere. All in all, the total costs is not that huge if you consider the use you get out of it over the years.